Teenage Posts
Teenager Post # 76
Seeing someone your friend hates and saying “There’s your best friend”.
Teenager Post # 75
I always tell people “I’m almost there” even though I haven’t left the house.
Teenager Post # 74
Going to your friends house, and just being like, “Bitch, feed me”.
Teenager Post # 73
When I was a kid I drew the sun with sunglasses in the corner of the page.
Teenager Post # 72
The awkwardness when you still can’t understand someone after they’ve repeated themselves about 4 times.
Teenager Post # 71
Opening a test paper & seeing the first question and thinking “Yeah, I’m screwed”.
Teenager Post # 70
We all have that one friend who needs to learn how to whisper.
Teenager Post # 69
Hearing yourself on a recording and asking if that’s what you really sound like.
Teenager Post # 68
Awkward: your cell phone going off full volume at a funeral. Even more awkward: your ringtone being, “I will Survive.”
Teenager Post # 67
Shutting down the computer and realizing you need it again.