Teenage Posts
Teenager Post # 66
At 11:56pm on December 20, 2012 I’m gonna blast “4 minutes by Madonna.
Teenager Post # 65
Let take a picture! *Takes picture* Friend 1: I love it! Friend 2: Delete is now!
Teenager Post # 64
Coming home happy then someone simply RUINS EVERYTHING by yelling at you.
Teenager Post # 63
Admit it, once in your life, you’ve tried to guess someone’s password but failed.
Teenager Post # 62
That scary moment when you are about to sleep and horror scenes flash in your mind.
Teenager Post # 61
The nervous feeling you get when you press the send button on a risky text.
Teenager Post # 60
That tragic moment when you check the price tag and sadly walk away.
Teenager Post # 59
The moment of joy when you’re in a restaurant and you see your food coming.
Teenager Post # 58
Trying to read what the doctor wrote on your presciption “Is this English”?
Teenager Post # 57
Dear Teacher, I talk to everyone. So moving my seat won’t help. Sincerely student.